Kasu Brahmanandha Reddy National park

KBR National Park is near to Jubliee Hills, Banjara Hills and Film Nagar in Hyderabad, India. It was “Protected Forest” of section 24 of A.P Forest Act 1967 G.O.MS No. 22 dated 3rd Feb 1994. It used to called as Jubliee Hills Forest. Now it is also considering as bilogical and ecological significane. This park notified as Jubliee Hills National Park U/S.35 of Wildlife(Protection) Act. 1972. It was renamed as Kasu Brahmannanda Reddy National Park. On 5th December 1998 KBR national Park was issued G.O Ms.No 187 EFS and T department. Full area of this Park is 142.50 Hect.

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There are 2 zones. One is Conservation Zone and Seconde one is Visitor Zone. Visitor Zone is 56.00 Ha and Conservation zone is 86.50 Ha.

Conservation Zone:

The whole park space of 142.50 HA is to be managed as Conservation Zone. The park space has a High feet wall also. This is not subjected to any organic phenomenon interference. the sole activities to be haunted within the park area unit surroundings improvement like Soil and wetness Conservation works, Construction Water harvest home structures, raising of autochthonal fruit & fodder trees. therefore the Conservation Zone is left undisturbed to the extent potential to change the ecological method to on unhinder.

Visitor’s Zone:

As mentioned earlier, the entry of holiday makers into this park is to be strictly regulated as per the supply of the life (Protection) Act, 1972. The guests coming into the park can solely be allowed to steer on the selected pathways to check the flora and fauna of this park and revel in its wild. No vehicles are going to be allowed to maneuver within the park.

KBR-National Park Timings

  • Summer (Morning) 5.00 AM to 9.30 AM
  • Summer (Evening) 4.00 PM to 6.30 PM
  • Winter & Rainy (Morning) 5.00 AM to 9.30 AM
  • Winter & Rainy (Evening) 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM

KBR National park Entry Fee

Annual Fee: 1500 INR

Annual Fee for Senior Citizens: 1000 INR

Monthly: 400 INR

Note for Month card: You should take on 1st of every month. If you take after 5th or 10th or some other day they will consider that as one Month only.

Daily: 20 INR 

Daily for children: 10 INR
Other Facilities:
Toilets: 8 Units for Men and Women separately.

WATCH TOWER: There area unit (2) Watch Towers within the parkland viz., Mor house and also the Watch Tower close to Palace. Watch towers area unit situated at vantage points from wherever the complete park space is seen.  One watch tower is for guests Watch Tower with thirty foot height is construction in 2012, wherever from we will have a Bird’s eye read of the Park. an additional watch tower is existing close to Chiran Palace, that is built in 1999 and is of twenty foot height.

ELECTRONIC GATES: In 2015, associate degree integrated bio-metric electronic system gate is put in at main gate and ordinal gate to avoid entry of anti-social parts into the park and to produce safety to the guests, Flora and Fauna within the park.

CC TV CAMERAS: The park encompasses a phonephone affiliation. All the employees members of the park ar given Wireless Network & Mobile Phones. The Wireless Network has been of nice use in Protection and Management of the Park. In 2014, thirty two CC TV Cameras were put in within the parkland by distinguishing the foremost strategic and vulnerable points wherever there’s risk of happening any threat to the life and therefore the guests in their walkers’ path. The dominant purpose is unbroken within the chambers of the Divisional Forest Officer. The footages and therefore the videos may be discovered from the Divisional Forest Officer chamber with a backup for three to four months.

NATURE CAMP SHED: the character camps also are conducted on Sundays for the good thing about the most no. travelers|of tourists|of holiday makers} as on Sundays the visitor no is a lot of. In these nature camps guests square measure given with the notice on life, setting friendliness and the way to curb the pollution and minimize the plastics in day nowadays life. As {a part|a neighborhood|an square measurea|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a section} of nature camps snakes shows are organized by the management of the K.B.R.National Park for the good thing about the guests WHO visit the park within the morning and evening.

MAINTENANCE OF ROADS within THE PROTECTED space Walking track: The Park nowadays contains a network of pathways activity five.00 Kms. within the traveler Zone. These square measure employed by the guests to travel spherical and revel in the {wilderness|wild|geographical square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} of the realm the pathways are all stuff and mix with the environment. Water breaks are created across the pathways at regular intervals to interrupt the flow of rain and to empty the water into the abutting trenches and water harvest home pits. The pathways square measure repaired as and once needed and square measure unbroken in correct form. Cross evacuation work has been administrated where the streams cross the roads to confirm free flow of water and to avoid injury to the road. it’s suggested that the pathways the water barriers and therefore the cross evacuation structures square measure maintained properly throughout the year. it’s conjointly suggested for provision of water sprinklers right along the trail method at Associate in Nursing interval of twenty five meters length.

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